Work Culture

At Advanced Enzymes Technologies Ltd. (AETL), we believe that our work culture revolves around developing our people. We believe in creating an organization where both the company and its employees work and grow together towards realizing the company's vision. We identify avenues and encourage people to take up their own holistic development, Innovative process and advanced management techniques are deployed to create a workplace that nurtures leadership, enhances creativity.

We significantly invest in our people and place a very strong emphasis on continuous learning. Every employee is mandated to take up twenty-one dedicated days of Learning each year. The spirit of teamwork and a sense of oneness are imbided into all our employees regardless of their position in the hierarchy. A further strengthening of this bond happens through various events and activities which are organized around the year. These present ample opportunities to interact, socialize and hone one's organizing skills. People are assessed not only by their achievements but also by their learning curve. A periodic performance review and appraisal system allow one to learn from past mistakes and incorporate them into the planned future.

Come and grow your career with us !

At Advanced Enzymes, we truly believe that and hence value the most important pillar of the organization: The People.

AETL is research and knowledge-driven company, and being a biotech arena, it is essential and critical for us to be on our toes all the time. And, attracting and retaining the best talent is the most part of it.

Also, we believe that the best talent needs to be nurtured by providing the opportunity and the environment to grow. At AETL, talent management involves training and enabling employees to quickly integrate into the company and become productive and become productive and excel rapidly. Establishing processes to measure and manage employees, and delivering training to support continuous improvement in performance is an ongoing process at Advanced Enzymes.

We are always looking for talented people to join our firm.